I learned a new word yesterday.  Well, I guess it was more of a made up word like vlogging, Brangelina, or “Rap Artist”.  So yes, “Trogging” or is it going to be #trogging?  Either way, I hope it’s here to stay.

Words to Hike by

So, I was on my way back from a job interview and since I’m currently without a vehicle I was walking the trail that I do a lot of photography on.  You remember the one I was telling you that had trash all over the place because some human waste of humans decide to throw their waste on the ground instead of in a trash can?  Yea, that trail.  So, I was on my way back from my 5 mile round trip job interview (yes, I got the job) and I saw a gentleman walking with a large trash bag.  As he was walking he would stop and pick up trash on his right side whenever he saw it and he would put it in the bag.  I’m walking down and I had to tell him he was an amazing human being and that it’s great to see this.  He then proceeded to tell me he walks or jogs the trail 2 to 3 times a week and picks up trash every time he goes.  Faith in humanity restored!  Now, I’m feeling guilty here because I’m usually walking that trail (granted with a bunch of camera equipment around my neck) and I haven’t done this yet.  Couldn’t do it that day either, you ever try walking 5 miles in work shoes?  OUCH!


So, anyway, he tells me he’s been doing this for a while now and he knows of a few other people that do it too.  He tells me that they call it “Trogging”.  First time I’ve heard of that word.  Now, I did do a Bing search of it and apparently it has a few different meanings (a leisurely stroll, browsing through videos on the internet) but this one was not in any of the definitions I had found for it. He said they use that term as a mixture of “Trash Jogging”.  It’s for people that clean up the areas that others make messes of while they are out jogging. I asked if he was ever on Reddit and he had never heard of that (hey we taught each other something new!).  I let him know about #trashtag that’s been circulating the internet lately and that what he is doing is very similar to that.  So now it looks like there’s a hero out on that trail (apparently a few of them) that are looking to clean up the place so that it can go back to being as beautiful as it can be.


Here’s to you nameless gentleman Trogger!


Stop staring at me!

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