Not easy to get beautiful arid mountainous range shots living in the area of Pennsylvania that I do.  What am I to do?  How about try finding some beauty in the urban landscape?  I was out walking with my camera today and I saw that graffiti shown above and thought to myself, “Nice message, wrong canvas”.  Just thought I’d tell you that Respect was spelled correctly, but I had to use that tree there to crop out what another “artist” wrote next to it.  It wasn’t something that was against women thankfully, but it was still something I didn’t want to share.  I know you are curious, so I’ll give you a hint as to what it said…it was just two words and it was stating to have gratuitous intercourse with our men/women in blue…..that’s putting it politely okay?

I think they used too much water in this recipe

Caught this handheld mixer in the creek next to me as I walked down the path.  I’d love to know the story as to how that ended up in there.  I mean, it’s not like the path was on the side of the road and it could have just fallen out of a car.  It literally had to have been carried to that point and thrown in.  Somebody call the Ghost Adventures Crew….we have a cursed object!!!!

If I stand in the middle of the tracks I can’t be on the wrong side of the tracks now can I?


So, needless to say I’m going to have to find more beauty in the urban, but don’t worry….I’m sure I can still find the natural beauty I’m used to finding.  I just have to step a little further out than I am currently.  Hey, I like hiking….why not try it here?

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