SEO letters


Three letters that are either a nightmare to the normal webmaster, or a fun game to a lunatic like myself.  I welcome our acronym overlord!


See, several years ago I owned and ran an online store and boy that was an experience.  To be honest though, I loved every moment of it.   It was a challenge, how many people visited the site today?  Where did they come from?  Who were my best referrals?  How can I make it better?  I go into running this blog with the same mindset.  We all know I’m a gamer, and to me, this is like leveling up my character in an RPG (Role Playing Game for you non-gamers).  It was fun, I couldn’t get enough of charts, spreadsheets, graphs, numbers, all that stuff…it floated through my mind all the time.


Now, before I get any further let me start by stating the following.  This blog post here is not about how to magically handle SEO, or any “inside secrets and tips” to make your website gain tons and tons of visitors and click throughs.  No, this is just me talking about what I’ve noticed has changed since I did all that stuff years ago.  So, if you’re looking for the magic recipe…well…see if David Copperfield has a cookbook.  Is David Copperfield still relevant?  Should I have used Michael Carbonaro as a reference instead?  I like The Carbonaro Effect.  Now I’m suddenly craving chicken carbonara….wait…back on topic.


So, I have this new blog….I’m sure you’ve heard about it, I mean, you’re here reading it soooooo.  Well, I figured I’d dabble back into some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like I used to, it was fun, and now it might be more fun right?  Well, yea…but more so!  So, I remember back “in the day” so to speak I used to have to go to the search engines and submit my url to them manually (it’s still a good idea to do so).  However, back then any Joe Schmoe could go to them and quickly submit ANY url they wanted.  Hell, less scrupulous domain owners could have MANY people submit their url and make it look super popular.  Yay for people with common sense!  They can’t do that anymore!  Now in order to submit your domain you actually have to OWN the domain and PROVE that you own it.  I love it!  No more shenanigans!


What does that mean?  Well, now I can manage my website and my SEO without having to worry about some guy that has way too much time on his hands or way too much money submitting his domain over and over and over and over without having to be held accountable that he owns it, or that it hasn’t been submitted before.  Needless to say it’s nice to know that the search engine “powers that be” are paying attention to the little guys as well.  Score one for us!


Other than that, most of the stuff has remained the same.  It’s still fun to look into the background numbers, seeing the fun numbers going up and down (preferably up though right?).  There’s so much to see, so much fun to be had…and since I only just started this site I can’t wait to see what happens!  You coming along for the ride?

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