13th Doctor Eyes
Our first look at the 13th Doctor last Christmas


Knock Knock


Who’s There?




Doctor Who?


Doctor Who

In less than 24 hours we will see the first episode with the new Doctor.  I’m excited, but wow, did this announcement come with a lot of controversy!  People were coming out of the woodwork  “A female Doctor?!?!  That’s preposterous!”.  Words like that would sound familiar if I was old and spent a lot of time around sexists.  So what?  It’s a female doctor, that’s refreshing.  They never said that Time Lords couldn’t regenerate into women (Hello Master/Missy and another I think I’m forgetting).  This can bring a lot more new and refreshing angles and plots to the show that we didn’t see before.  Yes, I’m sure they’ll do some of the more obvious jokes, they are to be expected.  The actress looks great for the role, and that’s what matters now.


How will she handle the role?  Well, let’s see, she’s worked with Tennant (arguably one of the most popular Doctors), and she’s also worked with Chibnall on Broadchurch so she’s not walking into anything that she will be completely unfamiliar with.  They showed a first look of the first episode and she was dead on “Doctor”.  Honestly, I’m excited, can’t wait until tomorrow to watch it with my wife and kids.


Will you be watching?

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