Ute Valley Park
Ute Valley Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado (Photo by Keith Koster)


So, after a long hiatus, I’ve returned to the “interwebs” with my blog again.  Where have I been?  Well, a little over 6 years ago I moved from New Jersey to Colorado and I’ve been pretty busy since then.  The things that have changed in my life from then until now is the basis for what this blog will be about.


So, what hasn’t changed?  Well, I’m still a gamer, turning my two little girls into gamers too since I gave them my “Day One” XBOX One and they each have their own gamertags.  I finally hit that 100,000 Gamerscore mark I was hoping to hit….many years ago.

100K XBOX Gamerscore
All those zeroes!

I’ve been playing a lot of a game called Sea of Thieves (I’ll make a blog post about that another time).  Gaming is still my biggest stress reliever….however living in Colorado has given me the opportunity to do something else I’ve loved for a long time, photography.

Garden of the Gods Trail
Garden of the Gods Trail (Photo by Keith Koster)


I found a love for hiking which brought me out to Garden of the Gods, Ute Valley Park, and Cheyenne Mountain Canyon.  Seeing those beautiful sights reminded me that I love to take pictures…so I started relearning everything I was taught back in school about photography, exposure, lighting, subject matter, all of that.  I actually sell my pictures in a few places (FOAP and Shutterstock for example) and Adobe (the Photoshop people) have my pictures for sale through their programs as well.

Now, the next thing that I’ve picked up since moving out here is going to really surprise my ex-wife.  Apparently…..I can cook.  Yea…surprised me too.  I moved out here and my girlfriend (now wife) didn’t really know how to cook.  So, I took up the mantle with some basics and started venturing out.  I’ll never forget having to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my wife, 2 girls, her mother, and oddly enough…her ex (the father of the girls).  I had never cooked more than just a few things that were simple, or just stuff that was boxed that I could toss in the oven.  Here I am making a full turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and a few other things.  Shockingly…it turned out well….well…except for me forgetting to take the bag of innards from inside the turkey (don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten since then).


All in all, expect a lot of updates to my site, I plan on talking a lot….just like real life.


See you again soon!

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